Our organization is a Khmer developed NGO. We are not attached to any large organization, therefore we did not have funds to pay staff. To ensure the sustainability and consistency in the NGO. We want to employ local people to work and develop the NGO. Therefore we would like help and assistance to fund these positions. If you feel that you could help by making a regular donation to the school to pay for a teacher's salary, then please get in touch.

The organization is currently looking for donors or supporters or financial backers to assist us with " A GENERAL OPERATING BUDGET $1450-$3045 US dollars" to run the program such as: 
1. Personal Expenses/Cost (full time staff/part time staff salary),
2. Administration Costs (internet access bill, electric bill, mission trip, field trip,...)
3. Program Activities Budget/Cost (Operating cost)
4. Direct Projects Cost ( expenses to the public services,..)
We have the vision but require help to ensure this becomes a reality. We are very interested to hear from people who are wanting to support a grass-root, Khmer based NGO. We would love to work in co-operation with supporters to ensure our further development. Any help is gratefully received.

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