I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the people that have supported the organization so far. Without this help and support my dreams and goals could not begin to be realized.

I also thank you so much for John & Sue Moore family for your generous help to CHL organization in particular the $240US dollars per month to run the program (started November 5, 2012-June 2016 ended) whiteboards, tables, bookshelves, chairs, toilet, tin roof, mesh fence, organization's sign post, raise the level of the land, and a new school building 3 rooms. 

I (Mr. Roeung Dara) Founder & Director of CHL is currently looking for donors or supporters or financial backers who is willing and able to donate money to support the General Operating Budget to run the program as our previous provider (John & Sue Moore ) is now unable to support furthermore. 

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