Vocational Training

 Our vocational training aim is to provide a variety of training opportunities to the adults in the community. Therefore providing a chance for employment. The training will range from watch repair, TV repair, motor mechanic, air-conditioning repair, sewing/tailoring, beauty salon and other training that can be accessed. This is an exciting development for the community as there is a lack of vocational training in the area.

  • We aim to encourage people who would not normally study post-primary, secondary or high school through offering them vocational courses.
  • Provide them with sponsored study at school/ work placements at shops and workshops in the city to develop their skills so they are able to return to their own village and transfer these skills into starting their own business there.
  • Provide training opportunities and various social development programs from this center. In addition to this, we are building a sewing school for adults.

      We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves!



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