Rural Medical Help

 Currently, there is a shortage of medical and support services in Siem Reap for the elderly. CHL plan to set up a clinic in the local village to meet their need.

-Rural Medical Help aim is to provide a mobile medical service to the local community. To offer medical support, advice, and treatment in an accessible location for all members of the local community. This service will be invaluable, free and localized medical services which are nonexistent in this area. The organization would also help the people who have more serious medical conditions, and support them to receive appropriate medical care. This may be within Cambodia or even hospitals outside the country which can treat these conditions with medical care that is not available here.

We are looking for a hospital or clinic that is willing to work with us to treat the very poor people of the community. Currently, many people in these rural areas have no access to medical treatment, so a partnership with a medical organization to provide free healthcare would be a huge development and would ease the suffering of these people.

We are also looking for a medical volunteer who can offer some basic treatment and advice for the people who have limited access to health care. We are interested in any medical practitioners from overseas who would like to work with us to provide this service, even for a short period.
We are looking for a hospital or medical clinic that will co-operate with us and provide free of charge medical care for some of the sickest and poor people of the community.

We would also like to invite any doctors who would be interested in working to reduce some of the medical issues. Please contact us If you are interested.

We are currently looking for support from hospitals or medical center overseas that could ease the suffering of these children and elderly people. Providing procedures that are simple, not available here.

The organization is currently looking for donors or supporters to assist us to build the medical center to support and nurture these people within their own community. The estimated cost for the whole building project $45,000.00USdollars (Electricity & Materials installing).

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