Orphan Projects

Currently, there is no support for the orphaned or vulnerable children or youth center in the community. Therefore the organization aims to provide support to the community to ensure the well-being of these children. The organization is looking into purchasing land in the village to build a center/orphanage or youth center to support and nurture these children within their own community.

  • We have the vision to open and run an orphanage and youth center situated in the commune ( Tropeang Veng village, Sangkat Krabeyriel, Siem Reap province, Cambodia). The youth center would provide a safe, and secure place for children to learn and grow. We would provide training opportunities and various social development programs from this center. In addition to this, we are building an orphanage for children without homes/families...
  • The organization aims to help the people of Banteay Meanchey province, Otdar Meanchey province, and Preah Vihear province, living next to Khmer-Thai border who have more serious living conditions such as migrant illegally workers in the neighbouring country, children who due to family breakdown, the death of parents, living with extended family,... These families require support to ensure the child well-being.
  • We have the vision to open and run the church for orphaned children and youth situated in the orphanage.

Changing & Hoping for Lives CHL wishes to work with orphans and children who are vulnerable to abuse or exploitation. We believe that God works is to empower the oppressed and poor. We believe that it is God works to ensure that children are not exploited in sexual or economic ways, and we will endeavor to support children and communities to prevent this from happening. Our vision is to strengthen communities so that this will prevent abuse, exploitation, and oppression. This is to ensure all children are raised as brothers and sisters taking care of one another.

The organization is currently looking for donors or supporters or financial backers to assist us to build the orphanage and youth center to support and nurture these children to learn and grow. The estimated cost for the whole building project $45,000.00USdollars (Electricity & Materials installing). We especially welcome donations!

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