CHL Changing & Hoping for Lives is a grass-roots, non-political, non- profit, Christian based, non-governmental NGO, Khmer run organization. Therefore we are a new and developing charity, we have approval with the commune leader since the 21 June, 2011 until the 4 November 2011 we started our activities.
Now, we have registered CHL organization with the Cambodia Ministry of Interior on March 24, 2013. We have no budget for fundraising or promotions. We are not attached to any large organization. We are currently looking for organizations, business and individuals who can provide us with consistent financial support. Any help is gratefully received.
We are currently looking for donors or supporters or financial backer to assist us with our plans. We have the vision but require help to ensure this become a reality. We are very interested to hear from people who are wanting to support a grass-roots, Khmer based NGO. We would love to work in cooperation with supporters to ensure our further development.

CHL Changing & Hoping for Lives, the ideas of change and hope for a community is something that inspired us. For Khmer people to use their strengths to confront the problems head on, to hope for a better future. We need to take in our own hands the next steps to rebuild our future and Nation. This is not an easy task but with support and determined hearts we can hope for change.

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