Our organization’s goal aim to give the Cambodian children hope for their need for lives. The priorities of the organization are focused on General English program, Developing Computer skills, Vocational Training, Agriculture, Rural Medical Help, Projects involving orphans/youth, Projects aimed at promoting a Happy Family Healthy Home.

We want to providing quality long term care in a family environment to orphaned, vulnerable children and adults by providing hope to meet their needs and supporting local communities through education and enhanced skills. Because education is the best precious treasure that stays with you everywhere. A man with no education can result in harming himself.

Is intended to educate the younger generation to obey to their parents, to be brave, industrious and to become generous people. Is intended to educate the younger generation to behave kindly, to respect other people. It is aimed to advise children and younger people to kindly share their possessions with poor and helpless people in a generous way.

Is intended to educate the younger generation to struggle in life although we are very poor. We must be industrious, loyal and virtuous all the times. In particular, we have to be independent and not dependent on others in all our lives. we should not forget our origin. If we look at the plants, we will find out that their roots come into the dirty soil but their flowers are so beautiful and their fruits are very delicious for all creatures. Our organization's goal aim to stretch our hand to the rest of people.

 "Build, Train, Send"
 Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.

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