Teacher's salary

CHL is located 12km west of Siem Reap town. As such, it is incredibly difficult to find western volunteers to teach at our school. We therefore need to employ local teachers who have a good standard of English, and pay them a living wage for their work. Currently we do not have any regular donors or supporters, so we are unable to employ teachers, and have to rely on volunteers from the local community to teach the children. 

Our school runs Monday to Friday, therefore Sat/Sun is for free time to enjoy the sights of Cambodia. The day begins at 8:15am, with school starting at 9:am until 11am, there is then time for volunteers to relax and eat or explore the countryside. Volunteers have access to our school for the break time. You can bring your own food to prepare there. Then, lesson start at 3pm to 5pm. 

The school is located only 12km from Siem Reap town. This is very close to the airport. However close this seems to the busy and tourist centre the village is in fact a world away from Siem Reap town. The children will often rarely of benefited from the commercial centre and this rural area on the edge of town is often loverlooked by volunteers and tourists as it appears that being in close proximity to town will have a greater positive impact. Unfortunately this is not the case, the school is a rare opportunity for the children to experience free English lessons.  

If you feel that you could help by making a regular donation to the school to pay for a teacher's salary, then please get in touch. We especially welcome donations

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